Trekmates Chicken Curry – Assorte/Assorte, ASSORTE/ASSORTE

Weighing just 150g and taking up very little space in your rucksack, this tasty and easy to prepare Adventure Food Chicken Curry Meal makes the perfect high energy meal when camping or hiking.Climbers, campers and hikers will love the Adventure Food Chicken Curry Meal as it is compact, weighs just 150g, is easy to prepare and provides 610 kcal of energy that will boost your performance for the remainder of the day. ¶ÿIt can be cooked by opening the pouch at the tear notch, unfold the base of the packet, remove the preserving oxygen absorber, add boiling water, stir well, close the zipper and leave to stand for eight minutes.¶ÿ¶ÿFeatures1 portion - serves 1 person.Storage life of 48 months...

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