Dr Boat Heavy Duty Repair Kit for Boat Kayak, Canoe, Tent, Inflatables, Swimming Pool, Hot Tub – LIQUID PATCH Resistant to Fresh and Salt Water…


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Last updated on 27th November 2023 9:25 pm Details
  • Strong Solution for any Puncture: Hot tub repair kit includes liquid PVC glue sealant that guarantees reliable restoration of any tear, crack, hole or stab – Flawless puncture fix for boat, kayak, mattress or bouncy castle
  • Quick and Easy Repair: Waterproof swimming pool repair kit application is more swift and secure compared to traditional repair methods – Paddling pool repair kit adhesive is simple to apply even without special skills
  • Heavy-Duty Formula: PVC is your boat, kayak, tent, or inflatable bed’s identical material – Hot tub puncture repair kit gel is a liquid form of PVC, which is fully flexible and resistant to salt, chemical, or hot water
  • Resistant to Underwater Conditions – There’s no need to drain your pool, spa, or hot tub – Unlike classical repair patches, an inflatable repair kit is fully waterproof and can be used under and out of water
  • Universal Vinyl Repair Kit – Unique tent repair kit composition allows to fix any scratch or leak on any polyvinyl chloride surface – Airbed or trampoline; inflatable pool or hot tub, boats or kayaks – Any item will continue to serve you with Dr.Boat puncture repair kit



‎330 Grams





Package Dimensions

‎10 x 9.9 x 7.4 cm, 420 Grams

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