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Product reviews for Iomic Art Opus Golf Grips Pink 

Image of Iomic Art Opus Golf Grips - Pink

Iomic Art Opus Golf Grips - Pink

Product Description The Art Opus 2 grip is produced in the same way as all other Iomic Grips through injection moulding. By using 2 contrasting colours the Art Opus 2 grips are unique. Whether you are choosing your favourite colour, or the colour of your favourite football team - the Art Opus 2 offer you all of the performance benefits off all Iomic grips. The shallow tread pattern on the Art Opus 2. 3 gives perfect grip while reducing torque. Being water resistant the grip performs amazingly in wet conditions and the firm grip cap promotes a softer grip, leading to less tension in the hands and a more relaxed swing. All helping you to play better golf.

Price: £6.49 from Gamola Golf

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